Week in the Life 2016 – Tuesday’s Words and Photos


I’m back with Tuesday’s words and photos for my Week In the Life Photo Project (an idea originated by Ali Edwards.  More info available HERE).  And oh what a beautiful day it was.

20160510_065715 6:50 AM  Can you find the #tylerbuddy in this photo? He wasn’t in his bed this morning or on the couch or anywhere else we could think of. Turns out he was asleep under his clothes in the closet though I really had checked that blanket on the floor (it was covering his karate bag)
*hopefully one morning this week can start with this kid in his own bed!


7:00 AM  This girl is ready for school.  We’ve been experimenting with her hair the last week or so, going for the “beachy waves” look.  Haven’t quite mastered it.  She’s getting the wave, but the “purposeful” part of the look still needs some work (don’t tell her that!)


#thiskid is such a character. Today he decided to dress up for school – even tied his tie himself. I had to insist the fedora stay home so it wouldn’t get ruined or lost at school in exchange for letting him wear it “somewhere nice” to dinner tonight.
He also requested a tuxedo for his birthday (7 months away)


9:00 AM  As I had already waited out getting the kids off to school and the load of laundry someone put in the washer to finish and was still feeling over-tired and cranky from the weekend (my poor body really really can’t handle late nights I guess) I decided to give in and give myself a good long soak in the tub with a book.  It has been way too long since the last time I did that.


1:00 PM  Figured it was time to take the dog for a walk considering how pretty the day was and how long it had been since we’d seen so much sunshine.  She heard me pick up the leash from the other room (not say anything, not even shake it, just simply pick it up) and came at a run.  So excited.


I promised the husband a selfie while I was out on the walk with Bambi, but she’s really really bad at selfies.


Instead of going one of our usual routes I decided to hit one of the other back roads I haven’t been on for a while.  Great views.




2:00 PM sat down for a bit as I’ve still been really tired today. After 4-5 interruptions I finally did finish a single episode – 2 hours later.  That includes phone calls re: Kaitlyn’s swim team arrangements (it’s taking some manipulating since they can’t find a coach for the summer and she is way too in love with swimming to give it up) which did need to be finalized and of course both kids getting home at different times.


3:00 PM Homework time for Miss Kate.  She didn’t have much, thank goodness.


4:00 PM Homework time for Tyler.  Just needed to write his spelling words three times.  Still loving that tie


4:20 PM
“Ladies first!” He opened not only the house door but also the garage door and the car door for me on the way to scouts this afternoon. I have also been instructed to wait for him to open my door before I get out on the way home. If this is how we get him to be polite (and hustle instead of lagging behind) maybe he should wear a tie every day!
#littlegentleman  (from Instagram)

He did follow through and open doors for me when I picked him up for scouts and again for all of us when we went out to dinner.  Loving it.


6:00 PM  Woke up Grandma from her nap so we could go to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner.  Tyler (my super picky eater) had been talking about wanting to try a hamburger but when it came right down to it he ordered a corn dog.  Though he did switch it up and get apples on the side instead of fries.  Kaitlyn insisted she was hungry enough for a half rack of ribs all to herself and sure enough she almost completely finished them off along with her onion rings and mashed potatoes.  It was a very pleasant night out and while I don’t usually make the effort to go out to dinner during the week (and almost never go to Park City without adding in an errand or two to make the trip “worth it) I was very glad we did.


8:00 PM  this was the last of the photos I snapped for the day and this one was only because I was sitting at the other end of the couch texting with Sam and we were talking about our “view” for the moment.  He was totally jealous of my walk as his current view only includes sand and dirt and the ugly buildings on the base.  Shortly after this the kids went to bed, only for Tyler to get up again complaining he had a stomach ache (too many cookies at scouts I suspect) so I gave him Pepto, and Kaitlyn complaining her throat hurt so she got the sore throat spray.  Hopefully that doesn’t make for a long night of sick kids (it didn’t) and fingers crossed I don’t get sick too (so far so good).
Goodnight Tuesday.

The day in numbers:
-total photos taken:  49 with my phone and 0 with the DSLR
-6837 steps taken
-_____ miles driven

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*I am posting photos on Instagram as I go along – feel free to follow along or tell me about your own experiences with WITL.

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