Favorite Things – Deployment Care Package #2

Military Cart Package Idea Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String Filled with a Few of Your Favorite Things AlaynasCreations

One of my goals for this month:  finish posting photos of all the deployment care packages I have sent out to this point.  We are more than three months into this deployment and I have sent out a care package approximately every two weeks, yet I have only posted about one?!  Unheard of for a blogger 😉  So I’ll keep this short and simple in the interest of actually getting it done instead of putting off a post for yet another day.

I decided the theme for my second care package would be “Favorite Things.”  I’ve always be attracted to the favorite things collections for gifts and even put together a Favorite Things party with friends just for fun (years ago).  And what an easy idea this one was – it came together in no time and the only effort required to make it look all cute was wrapping each gift in brown paper, tieing each with string, and adding the saying “Brown paper packages tied up with strings, filled with a few of your favorite things” (just in case he needed a little help figuring out the theme of the care package).  No extra decorations needed – yay!

Care Package Idea a Collection of Favorite Things AlaynasCreations

Inside the box was a collection of his favorite candies and snacks along with a few things to keep him busy as we know that a lot of deployments are spent just marking time, especially on their days “off” when the only things available to do for entertainment are laundry and working out.  My husband isn’t a big reader, but I’ve found that he will enjoy books that are based on things he likes to watch and Longmire is one of his current favorite TV series, so I got him a book with that theme.  I also included a set of stationary, figuring it was something he should have near the beginning of the deployment in order to send plenty of letters home, and it fit with the theme in the sense that everyone’s favorite thing when away from home is receiving letters from loved ones.  And did you spot the cheese slicer in the photo?  The husband commented on that one in particular as being such a great idea for me to think to include along with the self-stable cheese.  You never know what they do/don’t have access to at any given time.
The list of contents in the box include:  stationary set, book to read, small book of Sudoku puzzles, drink mixes for flavoring bottled water (I’m told that Orange Cream flavored Mio is a really good one), tiny bottles of Tabasco, cheese and crackers (and the cheese slicer!), Whoppers and Milky Way candy bars (some of his standbys along with a couple of unique flavor twists for variety), chewing gum, jerky, and a bar of gourmet chocolate with bacon (what guy doesn’t love bacon?!).
Other items you may want to include would be movies, card games, a Spotify playlist preloaded with favorite songs.  This last one was something my daughter was on board with but somehow we never found the time to pull it off but I’m keeping it in mind for some future care package.

A Few of Your Favorite Things Care Package Idea

With Father’s Day coming up, even if your guy isn’t off on deployment or living long distance, wouldn’t this make a fun Father’s Day gift basket idea?
What are some of your favorite things?  Any ideas you would add to the list?
As always, if you are looking for more care package ideas I’m constantly adding my favorites to my Care Package Pinterest Board or check out some of my other blog posts:
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