Week in the Life 2016 – Wednesday’s Words and Photos


Day 3 for my Week in the Life photo project (documenting the small things in the days along with Ali Edwards and many others this week.  More info HERE).  I noticed that I had significantly fewer photos from Wednesday vs the other two days and I’m not sure if that’s due to repetition from the days (how many photos do I need of the kids eating breakfast, etc?), fewer things on the agenda and less that felt interesting, or just not thinking about taking photos as much during that particular day.  I’m also noticing that Tyler is much more likely to be in front of the camera than Kaitlyn – he can be a ham so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
On to the story of my Wednesday:


7:20 AM  With Kaitlyn off to school I sent Tyler upstairs to eat breakfast while I showered.  When I went upstairs to check on him this is what I found.  Do you see what I saw?  He was just starting breakfast but had his lunch packed, which would normally be ok since he had a few minutes before his deadline of 7:30 for heading downstairs to get dressed.  Except!  I noticed that inside the box of KoolAid pouches Kaitlyn had emptied earlier and left on the table to be taken out to the recycling can was an empty carton of whipped topping.  Tyler had packed whipped topping and a single granola bar for his lunch.  *sigh*  I made him add an apple and swear to eat it and left it at that before shooing him downstairs to get dressed.


I never know what state I’m going to find the kitchen in when I get up in the morning and the adults in the house (my parents and my brother who cooks all his meals here) seem to be worse than the kids when it comes to leaving messes.  I have made it my routine to do one clean up in the morning and leave it at that in order to save my own sanity from constantly trying to keep the kitchen sparkling.  The dishwasher stopped working a couple of weeks ago and we haven’t taken the time to find a replacement yet (with the kitchen remodel on the agenda it kind of seems appropriate to wait) and I’ve been surprised that instead of the dish mess being worse, everyone has actually been a bit bitter at taking care of their own dishes.  So I didn’t have many dishes to do, just put away the clean dishes from the drying towels and called it good.


7:45 AM  Looks like another tie and button-up shirt day for Ty.  So cute.  (and I’m patting myself on the back for going ahead and ordering that father/son tie set I spotted on Pick Your Plum yesterday)


One of my goals this year has been to take the time to take care of myself better/more often so I took the time this morning to do a pedicure, tweeze the eyebrows, etc etc.


She refused to come inside and spent most of the morning enjoying the spring sunshine. Ah to have a #dogslife  (caption from Instagram post)


I grabbed a quick lunch while on the phone with the husband.  He usually calls on his day off and as I had been too busy to talk to him this past weekend during his last day off so we wanted to make sure we had the chance to touch base.  I had to cut it off after about 40 minutes so I would be on time to pick up Kaitlyn from school as we had an appointment for a consult with an orthodontist.


1:30 PM  I asked Kate to capture my favorite view during the drive. She missed the view but look at that beautiful sky. #myphotographerneedsabitmorepractice


We were told the adjustments she could get were minor and cosmetic but we decided we would regret it later if she didn’t get braces now so we scheduled an appointment to have them put on the end of June.


A few quick errands while we were in town then I was in the mood for a vanilla shake so we grabbed a snack/early dinner for the drive home.  We almost never got McDonald’s but sometimes you just need the convenience of the drive through.  Yogurt parfait for both of us, vanilla shake for me, mango pineapple smoothie for her, and we split an order of fries.  We got home just as Tyler was getting off the bus.20160511_184933A

Kaitlyn decided to skip the Young Women’s activity (dodge ball) so with nothing else on the agenda we spent a relaxed evening at home.  That, of course, meant plenty of screen time.


Bambi spent her evening chasing reflections cast by the sun going down (the last few days it is in a different position than it usually is and really makes a lot of those) or tracking my mom’s progress as she mowed the lawn and wishing she could be outside to “help.”


7:30 PM These long evenings with the sun still up really make it feel like we are THIS close to summer.  We’ve really been enjoying it.

And I’ve been enjoying capturing some of the small things I wouldn’t normally bother to put on “film.”  I’ll be back tomorrow!  Happy Thursday! (what’s left of it)

The day in numbers:
-total photos taken:  37 with my phone and 11 with the DSLR
-3983 steps taken
-_____ miles driven

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*I am posting photos on Instagram as I go along – feel free to follow along or tell me about your own experiences with WITL.

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