Week in the Life 2016 – Thursday’s Words and Photos


Two more days left in my Week in the Life photo project! (I’m participating along with Ali Edwards and a lot of other great people documenting the small things in our daily lives this week.  More info HERE).  My week seems to have started out a little bumpy (I was tired and cranky and needed to “recover” from the weekend) and has gotten easier, which is great.  Friday was fun, but was also a very full and busy day so I’m playing catch up today posting journaling and photos for the past couple of days as I’ve found it’s so much easier to remember everything I want to include while it’s fresh.

My Thursday went something like this:


6:00 AM – 8:00 AM Usual routine with the kids waking up at their designated times.  I again showered while Tyler ate breakfast then found myself very much wanting to put things in order and straighten up around the house.  Clue #1 that I was 100% back to my normal energy levels and motivation (yay).  Tyler was in a pretty good mood too as I heard him singing while he fed the dog.


Both of the kids have been wanting to play with this dollar store tape measure I’ve had sitting out (It’s for the care package I’ve been working on for our anniversary – more on that soon!) and when Tyler found himself all ready for school and with a few minutes left on his hands he of course started measuring things.  He’s 51″ tall.  Noted.


#hellothursday I’ve got a good feeling about today 
#weekinthelife (caption from my first Instagram post of the day)


The tiny wadded up piece of paper is actually the phone number to a boy Tyler has made friends’ with on the bus and wants to invite over to our house ASAP.  We will have to make that happen as soon as we get a chance.


This is what I see at least 3/4 of the time I want to go down the stairs – the pup squished herself on the top step trying to sleep just to get as close as she can to whatever we are doing upstairs – no matter how long or short I’m actually in the kitchen.  I could drop something off and head straight back down and find her there.  Usually I make her move, but sometimes I just step over her.  (We keep her separated from my mom’s dogs for multiple reasons)


Did they let themselves into the field last night? We don’t know. But whatever it was must have been exhausting because half of them were napping by 10 AM (caption from Instagram)


The latest care package is now on its way to my husband – an anniversary one too! Oh how quickly the years go by (caption from Instagram)


I spent the morning returning emails, checking in with Dad, discussing horse options for Kaitlyn with my brother, and getting a few things ready to go out in the mail.




Lunch was sushi with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Hmm I wonder what my dearest wish is…
#fortunecookie #sushi  (caption from Instagram)


Kaitlyn was very on the ball after school and quickly finished homework, practiced her flute and piano (something she often has to be reminded to do), and even took the dog outside to play for a while.  I asked her to help me with the grocery list and handed her the store ad and she proceeded to tease me by listing every single snack food or sugary item she spotted.



Quizzing him for tomorrow’s spelling test. Is it bad that I look at his lists now and think, “these are too hard, this is going to take forever” ???


Thursdays mean karate night at the rec center.  Kaitlyn got in some lap time in the pool and I did an arm workout.  I often take a second to check on her and admire her form.


Tyler teasing one of the karate teachers.  I suspect he does this often, though I don’t usually watch the class.



I pretty much stopped taking photos after that point as our nights are pretty repetitious – until the sun set, that is and I had to snap a few of that.  I’m in love with sunsets – and sunrises.


And that, my dears, is Thursday in the books and blogged.  Tyler definitely gives me more photo ops than Kaitlyn throughout the day (not surprising – he can be a ham).  I’ll have to be more aware of that for the rest of the week.

The day in numbers:
-total photos taken:  59 with my phone and 66 with the DSLR
-8177 steps taken
-_____ miles driven

If you’ve missed any of my earlier Week in the Life posts feel free to check them out or follow me on Instagram as I’ve been posting a photos as I go along this week.

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