Week In The Life 2015 – Monday’s Words and Photos

If you are wondering about the Week in the Life photo/documenting project please visit my earlier post HERE.WITL Monday

Monday began at 5:30 AM when Sam’s alarm went off for work.  I am typically an early riser and debated about getting up but decided to enjoy the cozy warm bed for a bit longer and didn’t get up until 6:00.
First task of the day – unclog the toilet.  Lovely.  Aren’t you glad I didn’t take a photo of that?
Start the laundry.  Sit down at the computer to check email, etsy shop, FB, etc.


IMG_6051By 7:00 AM I had climbed out the window (yep – window, in bare feet and Hello Kitty pjs.  The door is hard to close on that side of the house so when I want to get to that part of the yard I just climb out the window.  It’s better than going upstairs and waking up the dogs which will then wake up the whole house barking) three or four times in order to get photos of the sunrise at different points in time.  I love sunrises.  And sunsets.  And pretty skies with gorgeous clouds at pretty much any time of day.


I love this view and I never get enough of seeing it.  It’s right outside the window where I sit at the computer most of the time.  The horses, the sprinklers, the green grass, the “picturesque” old barns.  It’s home.  Though part of me cannot wait until we get our own house built on the top of that hill over there and I get to see this view from a different angle.


Breakfast for me and for Kaitlyn.  Most of the time I have an apple and yogurt parfait with almonds for protein.  About half the time lately Kaitlyn has one along with me instead of her usual cereal.  We don’t always eat downstairs but today we did.


I love that she loves to read as much as I did at that age.


So eventually we did wake up Tyler (at 8:00) then Kaitlyn and I did a quick look at the things she still wants for school at Justice online then went through her closet to see what she truly still needs.  By 9:00 I had discussed plans for the day with Mom (who woke up with stomach issues), had a flurry of getting ready then heading out on my own to help one of my mom’s friend’s with a big clean up project.  No photos from that almost 3 hour period – it wouldn’t have been appropriate.  But I was happy to get home and find that Kate had been keeping up on the laundry for me and did such a fantastic job of it that we only had a couple loads left (instead of me having to face trying to get it all done by the end of the day, which has happened before and isn’t fun).  I am really loving Kaitlyn at this age.  She’s helpful, she’s responsible, she likes spending time with me and doing more girlie things like shopping and pedicures.  It’s often like hanging out with a friend and that’s really cool.


I’ve been co-hosting a blog linky party every weekend, which finishes up on Mondays so in the afternoon I spent some time on the computer checking out posts, commenting, emailing, and so on.  I also work on finishing up the laundry and folding it all.


And this is so typically Tyler.  He is a happy little goofball and can be found wrestling with the dog multiple times each day.  She’s very patient and mostly just lays there.  He has been struggling a bit the past couple of weeks finding things to do that don’t include screens/technology and since he has now been banned from them until school starts (or longer at this rate) he often ends up at loose ends, either sitting around “trying to think about what I want to do” or doing something fidgety like annoying the dog or trying to pogo stick in the house (which I allowed for a while but it quickly got old).  I often find myself telling him that he has bookshelves full of toys and games to play with and he’d better go get one within the next two minutes or I’ll… 😉


5:10 PM finds us picking up Tyler’s friend and taking them both to karate.  Sam has been handling karate duty lately as he likes to work out while they are in class.  Usually I work in at least a couple of workouts a week with a friend and let Sam handle karate on his own, but today I tagged along with them as my friend will be too busy for any gym dates this week.  Karate must have let out early as I didn’t make it to class before it ended to take photos so I had Tyler pose for a few when we got home.  When he’s into it, he’s a great little photo subject.  And a ham.


6:30 PM  Dinner time. Quick one tonight due to karate.  Kaitlyn and Sam made beef tacos.  I hate ground meat so I warmed up some shredded chicken from the freezer and Tyler’s taco is always just a shell filled with refried beans.  Tyler and dinner time is always hit and miss and tonight it was a miss.  He barely finished half the taco, even when I told him if he ate the rest of it quickly he could watch American Ninja Warrior with us.  Oh well.  Dad had the ground beef without any seasoning and Mom’s stomach was still acting up so she didn’t eat.  Obviously Tyler comes by the picky eating naturally.  I’m at least half-way convinced that picky eating is at least partially genetic.


8:00 PM  Happy to have some down time with Sam.  The kids were off entertaining themselves while we watched American Ninja Warrior where we were excited to see my cousin get 2nd place for the night.  So cool!

And that pretty much sums up my Monday.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t quite as jam-packed and productive as most of my Mondays are, but still a pretty full day.  And a good one, I think.  Final photo count was 52 photos on the big camera and 33 on my phone, and almost all photos are straight out of the camera without any editing.  I’ll get to that part before I print them, but wanted to get this posted while the day was still fresh in my head.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, shall we?

5 thoughts on “Week In The Life 2015 – Monday’s Words and Photos

    • alaynascreations says:

      Thanks! And kudos to you on trying out WITL this year. I’ve found it can be intimidating to start and kind of exhausting to have the camera out so often by the end of the week. I’ve also decided that the trick with journaling (not that I’m a huge expert or anything) is to write something down as soon as you know you want to use it. It could be as a quick “my kid just said the funniest thing” blurg on Facebook (in fact, I often scroll back through facebook to help me remember details or when things happened) or in a notebook, or as I’ve started to do, is jot notes on a calendar.
      Good luck the rest of this week!


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