Week in the Life 2015 – I’m In!

Im In Week in The Life Alaynas CreationsWeek in the Life.  Are you familiar with the concept?  It’s a memory keeping/photo taking/life documenting project, a concept by Ali Edwards and participated in by many – including me for a couple of years now 😉  The premise is to take a week of your life, a very normal, typical week and document all the little things you don’t usually take the time to photograph, write about, or put in your scrapbook.  Routines.  Small details.  Daily life.

The first time I tried this it was because I noticed I hadn’t been taking many photos and wanted to get back into the habit of picking up the camera for more than just vacations and holidays.  I had wondered what would be interesting enough in my life to take photos of but quickly found that wasn’t a problem, especially with kids.  Now that I’m a few years into it I find myself not only able to find a multitude of things to capture but I’m inspired to think more about the photos themselves – different angles, new perspectives.  And that’s a lot of fun too.

While this project is a great one to do any time, this week is the week Ali is taking her photos and it’s kind of fun to participate right along with everyone else.  Plus it’s fun to share the progress as we go.  So.  I will be posting a few of my photos every day on Instagram (@alaynascreations) so feel free to follow along there.  I will be doing a few more in-depth posts here on the blog with words and photos from the days as the week progresses.  I will update this post with links to the others as I go.  Then, hopefully, I can put together some actual layouts soon afterward (something I have yet to fully do with my Week in the Life Projects to this point, urgh).  Someone hold me to that last part and bug me if I don’t get something put together within, oh, ywo weeks from the end of this week.  ‘Kay?  Thanks! 😉

I started taking photos this morning and had a little laugh at myself as I was climbing back in the window for the third or fourth time as the sunrise just kept getting prettier and prettier and I wanted to capture it at a few different stages.  And yep – I said window.  We currently live in my parents’ basement until we build our house and the door on the east side is hard to get closed completely so I have taken to just climbing out the window when I want to access that part of the yard.  It’s kind of comical, I’m sure.  But seriously – isn’t this a great shot?!  Totally worth the window climbing in pjs and the freezing bare feet.

WITL Monday

I got off to a great start this morning, but I do have a few chunks of the day where I didn’t take photos.  I’m ok with that as photos weren’t appropriate at the time.  However, I will need to have a sit-down with the little guy to threaten explain to him that when I have the camera out he is not to turn away, hide his face, run away or in any other way ruin the photo even if he’s “sick of it.”  That will make for a very not-happy mom.

Ok.  Time to take some more photos!  Who else is IN?!

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13 thoughts on “Week in the Life 2015 – I’m In!

  1. Sahana says:

    I will always think I should start scrapbooking but I have never done that. Doing it digitally saves a lot of time I guess 🙂 Lovely pics.
    From @ #HomeMattersParty – Co-host Sahana


    • alaynascreations says:

      Thanks. Actually I mostly scrapbook the traditional way, not digital. This Week in the Life project just has so many photos and details I wanted to get them all put together on the blog, then pull it together later in scrapbook form. Fingers crossed I find the time to follow through with it – I’ve managed very little real scrapbooking in the last few years.


  2. dirtandnoise says:

    Great photographs. This is a really great idea. I take a lot of pictures of the kids, but I’d like to get other beautiful things surrounding us to. Thanks for the great idea. Great to be part of the #HomeMattersParty with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Life With Lorelai says:

    I just ran across an old scrapbook from when my kids were very young 3 & 6 – oh the memories. It was wonderful. Thanks for sharing and being a wonderful co-host of the #HomeMattersParty – we love having you on the team! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

    Liked by 1 person

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