Week In The Life 2015 – Wednesday’s Words and Photos

Wondering about the Week in the Life photo/documenting project?  You can find more about it in THIS POST.


Ah Wednesday.  I’ve been trying to document a few parts of the normal routine every day, some of which happen almost every day of the week.


Went upstairs for breakfast to find the big guy on the couch.  Yup, looks like my brother left his dog here overnight.  Again.

IMG_6296 IMG_6294

Empty dishwasher and no one loaded it.  One of my standard things is getting the kitchen in shape first thing in the morning.  It makes me feel better to have it all done then and not worry about it the rest of the day.  Usually that leaves me cleaning up after everyone, but I try not to mind it as I would rather take the 5 minutes and do it myself than try to get them to do it and have to look at the mess all day (and by “them” I’m not talking about my kids here but the other adults in the house that use the kitchen).


She’s always wanting to create.  I was on the computer and she sat down next to me, picked up an index card that was sitting there, folded it into a tiny hat and proceeded to try to get the dog to try to wear it.


Wednesday morning means piano lessons for Miss Kate.  Then sometimes (like today) a quick visit with Dari when I pick Kate up.  (We haven’t managed much time to chat or get together this summer.)
And a gift of giant zucchini from her garden.



Our morning proceeded as such:  I did what I needed to on the computer while the pup kept me company.  She doesn’t always do that, but sometimes I guess she wants the company.


Kaitlyn spent the time with my mom painting the “Fox Run” signs.  It’s kind of an inside joke in that my mom claims we don’t officially live in either of the neighboring towns and made her up own name for our little piece of the world.  Then her friend Rhonda actually bought her a couple of signs to put out by the road and they have since faded.  So one of the kids’ projects with Gma has been repainting the signs.  It took them 3-4 sessions but I think they finally finished them this time around.


And Tyler went out to finish hauling hay with my dad.  When I picked him up I discovered than instead of ferrying Grandpa back and forth on the 4 wheeler, Ty was actually driving the backhoe back and forth by himself.  I was torn between freaking out that my 8 year old was operating heavy equipment that far by himself (he’s driven before feeding the cows but Dad is always right there and it’s in the middle of the open field with nothing he can run into) and marveling at how competent he is at that kind of thing.  My little guy is growing up way too fast.




This is me following behind Dad in the dump truck and Tyler in the backhoe thinking “should I be worried or not”  but at this point Ty had obviously gone back and forth more than once already.


We met Sam at the water park and spent the afternoon enjoying ourselves.  Tyler loves that rope swing, though he claims his favorite thing is the wave pool (which I did go on with him where he spent most of the time jumping out of the tube into the water).20150819_144533


Kaitlyn and Sam paired up for a lot of the afternoon as she had gotten pretty adventurous and will now go down the scarier slides with him.  I prefer the lazy river or sitting in the shade (especially after the wave pool made me a little seasick), but I did go on a few of the rides with the tube.


20150819_185557 20150819_202705

We went to a buffet place for dinner, knowing we wouldn’t have to worry about the kids finding something to eat there.  And the dessert bar always makes everyone happy.  Then Sam and Ty headed home while Kaitlyn and I went shopping in an attempt to get her a couple more shirts for school.  The search was mostly fruitless, even though we hit quite a few stores and didn’t stop until they were closed, but we had fun anyway.
Kaitlyn says “Oh yeah Wednesday was a fun day.  That was my favorite day of the week.”  Thanks kiddo.

Final photo count for the day:  42 photos on the phone, 27 photos on the big camera.  I probably could have taken some really great shots with the big camera at the water park, but we were there for fun not photos (and I’d rather not worry about someone taking it or it getting damaged).

What I am realizing as I go through the photos this week is I am very much a mom at this point in time.  My schedule and plans revolve around getting the kids where they need to go and in making sure they are healthy, occupied, and (mostly) happy.  The house work and the work-work is there and gets done, but it doesn’t get top billing.  I also think we’ve done a very good job this year of balancing the Have Tos with getting out and enjoying everything summer has to offer.  We have a lot of fun as a family and with friends and extended family and we try a lot of new things and experiences.  I am very grateful for all of these opportunities for my children and for the wonderful people we are surrounded with.

Anyone else doing the Week in the Life photo project?  How is going for you?

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