Outdoor Entertaining Space Design Board

Some days it’s just fun to dream isn’t it?  I have a lot of dreams and plans right now – to get started building the new house, to spend more time on the blog, to get the kids out and experience all the great things the world has to offer, to slow down and enjoy the summer, to find the time to entertain friends and have a BBQ.  We did so much of last year but haven’t hosted a BBQ (for anyone other than family) even once this summer – and it’s half over!  I truly do love throwing a good party and it used to feel so easy.  I haven’t been quite sure why it doesn’t work the same now we have moved back to my hometown (goodness knows we have tons of people we want to reconnect and have some fun with!), then it hit me the other day.  We don’t have a “good” entertaining space.

Could it really be as simple as that?  That the reason I haven’t followed through and invited people over isn’t so much lack of time but because the actual act of pulling it together doesn’t seem easy with our current set up?  Yup, I think that just might be it!  The thought of dragging out the table and chairs from behind the teetering stacks of moving boxes in the garage, setting up the canopy for shade, transporting all the bits and pieces from the kitchen through the garage, around the fence and down the hill to the place we see as the best for a picnic (as using another part of the yard would require cleaning up after the dogs) and…well it just all sounds like a lot of work.  I found myself wishing for my house in North Carolina with its screen porch and deck right off the kitchen and how convenient it all was.

The other day I received a fun request from Chairish asking me to create a design board using some of the pieces from their site.  It was kind of an open-ended request with not a lot of direction and so many possibilities and I was kind of lost about how to start.  As I was looking through the site I found myself drawn to all of the outdoor pieces so I decided to do a little dreaming of my own.  If I were to create a great outdoor entertaining space for our situation right here, right now, what would it include?

I found a few tables I loved but thought, no, I need a good anchor piece and I think in this case it would be a nice case piece that could be used as a buffet/food serving table.

I love this one

And oh!  Look at the great card catalog type drawers on this one!
But if I’m to be even partially realistic, I thought, I would actually try to use at least one piece of furniture I currently own – the turquoise console table!

Turqouise Console table DIY with shutters Teal Console Table TV Entertainment Center
This console came about from a trip to the Habitat Resale Store with one of my good friends (who is often my crafty partner in crime) where I picked up a set of shutters and the legs.  At the time I really wanted some sort of table/entertainment piece for the living room to house the cable box and DVD player and I figured the shutters would do a good job of hiding the ugly pieces of technology while still allowing the remotes to access them.  The husband was happy to put together the base for me, which I enthusiastically painted turquoise and distressed.  And I loved (love) it.


But anyway – back to our design scenario.  😉  With the anchor piece in place, the next thing that caught my eye was this big metal flag.  I love a good variation on the stars and stripes (and am kind of a sucker for metal lately) and to me the 4th of July and all things patriotic also feel like a symbol of summer.  So I’m thinking that big shiny flag would need to go above the console table.  Picture the console covered with yummy food (ribs and corn on the cob, anyone?), with a pot of flowers for color.

Next – seating!  A great metal table and chairs for eating and some classic Adirondack style chairs for sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows and chatting the night away with friends. The table would need a simple centerpiece, not too tall so you can see the person across the table from you… A set of three pots in a tray – perfect with some herbs or bright flowers planted in them, and probably painted in a bright color like red to set them off from the darker table.  Let’s brighten it up with some more colors and bring the turquoise into it a bit more with patterned chair cushions or pillows.  And this fun pillow would tie into the patriotic theme a bit without screaming 4th of July too loudly.  Finish it off with some more planters, a rug, and a big bucket to hold drinks and I think we’d be all set to entertain!

Outdoor Entertaining Space Design Board

Yep, that’s a fun combination!
*sigh* Back to reality huh?  But I’m thinking maybe, even without the perfect entertaining space, I might just need to plan a dinner party…

*photos of items are from Chairish and Polyvore.  This was just for fun – I have not been compensated by the companies for this post.

Want more fun decorating ideas for your summer?  Check out the Swimming Subway Art my daughter and I created.  Bonus – I included the Silhouette cut file so you can make it yourself!
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