Week in the Life 2016 – Monday’s Words and Photos

Week In the Life 2016 I'm In

Sometimes we all need a bit of a new perspective don’t we?  Lately I have felt like I’ve been wrapped up in all sorts of large projects, but my patience for dealing with the small things and my ability to recognize the small joys or to step away and give myself some fun seems to have fallen by the wayside.  In the spirit of recognizing the joy in the little things, once again I am participating along with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life photo project documenting the little things that make up my everyday life this week – and maybe getting a little bit of photography practice in along the way.

The first step in the project is collecting the photos and documenting all the routine and not-so routine happenings of the day.  I’m going to collect my top photos and stories here on the blog and share them every day or so this week before pulling them all together in an album later (hopefully – I have yet to fully complete last year’s Week in the Life in the album urgh).  I will also be posting a few of the photos on Instagram as I take them each day if you want to follow along.  (AlaynasCreations on IG)  So without further ado:

Monday’s words and photos


6:10 AM The best way to start the Monday in a nasty mood? Wake up from a bad dream then have to unclog a toilet before you can use it. #helloMonday #whereistheresetbutton  (caption as posted on Instagram)


Also found the little guy sleeping on the couch, which isn’t unusual for him.  But after a weekend on the couch while we had visitors I was hoping he would get a good nights’ sleep in his own bed before school on Monday.


Kaitlyn has started showering before school every day and has no problem going through her entire morning routine without any help or reminders from me, though I do try to get up and eat breakfast with her.  I also noticed I was still very tired from the weekend and easily annoyed at things.  Seriously – I almost decided against taking photos this week because I was in such a bad mood.  Or at the very least creating a photo collage/list of my pet peeves for the day!  But who needs that kind of negativity?


7:30 AM sun broke through the clouds and I can feel my mood brightening and my more normal Monday Motivation kicking in


This is also the time of the morning I let the dog out while Tyler is finishing up his breakfast and packing his lunch.  This morning I chose to step outside too and take a few photos.  Love that the tulips are finally coming out.


Monday = laundry all day long


I happened to catch the tail end of the show that takes place when the horses get let into the field below the house for a couple of hours of grazing.  For some reason they think this is a special treat and all run through the gate to be first to stake their claim in the new field.  It gets the dog all riled up too, as you can see.

The afternoon was spent paying bills, updating the calendar, making phone calls, editing photos, and working on putting together a care package for the husband.


Monday afternoon run around includes piano lessons for Kaitlyn (3:00) and karate for Tyler (5:30).  With swim team coaches and practices up in the air right now Kaitlyn has been going to the Rec Center to swim and I work out while Tyler is in karate.


5:15 and 6:30 PM the evening run around to and from the Rec center for karate while Kaitlyn got in some swim practice on her own (caption from IG)


8:00 PM I was hearing lots of laughs out of these two tonight. Love when they play well together.


I found myself taking photos of my feet during different activities today, so I put the all together in a fun little collage.  I may carry this through for each day, or even every few days to make it cohesive without being too repetitious.


And we end the day with a spectacular sunset.  Photos never quite capture the magnificence, but I keep trying.

And so ends the Monday.  Check back tomorrow for Tuesday’s words and photos.  And if you are doing your own Week in the Life I would love to hear about it!

The day in numbers:
-total photos taken:  114 with my phone and 58 with the DSLR
– 7 loads of laundry
-10446 steps taken
-_____ miles driven


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