May the 4th – Mini Care Package

May the 4th!  Happy Star Wars Day! 😉

I just realized what day it was when the husband sent me a text saying he likes the “4th notes” I sent in his last care package.  Bonus points to me for thinking ahead, but do I lose points if I forget about it in real life? (ha!)  This week has so many things packed into it, I guess this one didn’t officially make it onto my calendar.  Not a big deal either way, but my husband has started to turn the kids into Star Wars fans and I’m sure they would have loved a little something special too.  At the very least I could have save the rest of the Star Wars Fruit Snacks instead of letting the little guy tear into them right away.  Or I could pull together something before they get home from school today if I really felt like it, but currently I am in my paint clothes with a bathroom vanity half-way repainted.  So maybe next year.

But before I forget again, here’s a peak at what I included in the Star Wars Mini Care Package I sent to the husband.

May the 4th Mini Care Package Idea Star Wars Themed small care package idea May the Force Be With You AlaynasCreations

Included in the package:  Star Wars Themed Fruit Snacks, a tiny tin container filled with Q-tips (they were at the Dollar Tree for anyone that wants to grab one before they’re gone), and these adorable Star Wars note cards (intended for Project Life-type scrapbooking, I’m sure.  Printable found HERE) on which the kids and I each wrote a quick note.

There you have it – easy peasy and a great way to let the Star Wars fan in my life know I was thinking about him.  Now back to my regularly scheduled paint session.  *sigh*
And May the Force Be With You Today 😉
*Want more care package ideas?  Check out my first care package idea for this deployment, take a peek at my Care Package Pinterest Board, or check back in soon as I will be posting many more ideas as soon as I get the chance!

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