Fairy Merry Christmas – Add a Little Magic To Your Tree

Fairy Merry Christmas add a little magic to your christmas tree

Here we go!
In one short week we will all be sitting around the table with friends and family stuffing ourselves with turkey and pumpkin pie.  Then watch out – it’s full on Christmas Mode from there on out!  Traditionally, I like to use the day after Thanksgiving to set up my Christmas tree.  It’s hard to keep all the decorations in their boxes until then, but I think every holiday should be given its due – and frankly this year I’m not quite ready to let go of Fall and move into Winter yet.  Not that I get a lot of say in the matter.

Fairy Merry Christmas 2015

To kick things off for this holiday season I have joined in with a group of lovely bloggers for a Fairy Merry Christmas Blog Hop where everyone chose to post about something related to Fairies for the season (you can find more details about the Hop here).  I love to add a little whimsey and magic to my decorating, particularly at Christmas, and to me nothing is more magical than the twinkling lights on the tree.  So I thought I would share our Christmas tree decorations – actually it’s my Mom’s tree which she always puts up in the family room and since that is in “our” part of the house until our house is built (no matter how little progress we feel like we are making at this point!) we got to enjoy this tree last year and will do so again this year.

Decorating the Christmas tree tradition All decked out for Christmas.jpg

As I mentioned, our tradition is to put the tree up as soon as we can after Thanksgiving and we always try to involve the family as much as we can.  I’m a bit particular about how the lights are put on the tree (we’re still old fashioned and have not splurged for a pre-lit tree tough I assume eventually we will at some point), so I usually handle that part by myself.  It’s fairly tedious.  Then once the tree is up and the lights are on the kids are happy to help string the garland and put on all the oraments.

Fairy Merry Christmas decorating the tree with the kids

It’s always so much fun to open up the boxes and see the ornament collection in all its glory.  There are always a few that we have forgotten about and are happy to rediscover.

Christmas Tree Decorations in Teal and gold using a lot of silk flowers and glitzy ornaments

Teal copper gold and bronze Christmas Tree Decorations

My Mom’s favorite color is teal and on her tree she has combined it with golds and browns/bronze with a lot of sparkly and glitz thrown in.  And it totally works – her tree is gorgeous.

Fairy Merry Christmas beautiful christmas tree decorations in teal gold and brown

Did you spot the fairy/elf?  He’s up near the tree topper, taking in the sights.

Fairy Merry Christmas Decorating the Christmas Tree with a touch of fairy elf magic

Fairy Merry Christmas Decorating the Tree

Ahhh, so pretty.  Maybe I am kinda ready for fall to be over so I can get the tree up again and start enjoying the magic of the season…

Decorating the Christmas tree tradition All decked out for Christmas

Please be sure to visit some of the other wonderful contributers to the Fairy Merry Christmas Blog Hop.  Yesterday we were treated to a fun crochet pattern for a fairy princess doll  at Creative Crochet Workshop (cute gift idea!) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store tomorrow at My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies.
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13 thoughts on “Fairy Merry Christmas – Add a Little Magic To Your Tree

  1. cgroneman says:

    WOW, your tree is spectacular and I don’t even have my Thanksgiving menu made and due to family circumstances I just found out I now have over 30 people coming. I think I need YOU! I really do look forward to the magic of Christmas the very special spirit it brings. Thank you for sharing with all of us and for the party. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow


  2. Stella Lee@ Purfylle says:

    The tree does seem to be at the heart of all my magical Christmas memories. I truly must make more of an effort to get one up each year. We don’t usually host Christmas at our house and so it seems a bit redundant to put up decorations just for us two some times but we do enjoy it when we do. Thank you for reminding me how fairy magical a tree can be to inspiring a bit of Christmas cheer.


  3. USS Crafty says:

    The tree looks great, and your fairy is a handsome little guy! I put up out Christmas tree over the weekend. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn’t wait!


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