November – Now that it’s here what do we do with it?

Fall Leaves on the Trees in the Marsh North Carolina Alaynas Creations

I was flipping through the radio stations yesterday while I was out running errands and I ran across one playing Christmas music!  CHRISTMAS MUSIC!  I had to stop and listen for a minute just to see if it was an isolated song or if they were truly playing Christmas tunes.  Nope – it was followed by another Christmas song, and another.  And while I love some Bing Crosby crooning, I’m not quite sure I’m completely on board with the Christmas-free-for-all that starts the second we see Halloween in the rearview mirror.

There is a bigger part of me that likes to plan things weeks ahead and appreciates the fact that I’m obviously not the only one that does so.  I have already had conversations with friends about what we will be getting our kids for Christmas and I see so many great family photos being posted on Facebook that I’m sure are portrait sessions in preparation for Christmas cards.  Sometimes I think the planning and preparation are as much fun as the event itself.  A quick glance at the calendar and all of the things that are starting to get packed into November and December has me realizing that, once again, time will be speeding by much more quickly than I would like. So in the quiet moments I have here this morning (after waking up at 4AM because my internal alarm hasn’t adjusted to the time change yet.  And yes, waking up by 5AM and spending it enjoying the dark, quiet house is how I spend most mornings.) I’ve been taking stock of my November and (mostly) looking forward to everything that will be happening in the next couple of months.
1 – my little guy has a birthday the first week of December and party plans are in the works.  Stay tuned for a peek at the invitations in the next week or two.
2 – the first snowfall of the season is predicted this week.  I am hoping to start a new tradition with the kids and grabbed a few things for it yesterday.  I’m sure I will blog about it 😉  Celebrate the small things, right?
3 – Thankgiving is ours to coordinate this year, though my mother-in-law will be holding it at her house.
4 – It has become my tradition for to join in with being Grateful in November and will be sharing one thing I am thankful for every day this month.  You can follow along with me on my Facebook Page.
5 – Christmas prep!  For a number of years now, it has been my goal to have the majority of my shopping and planning done by the 1st of December and since I have started that I have found the process to be so much more enjoyable and less stressful.  That means not only making up a Christmas list, but also deciding on the gifts for everyone on the list, the budget, staring work on anything craft-related, etc etc.
6 – Christmas cards.  Photos (check!), design, order prints, compile the address list
7 – Elf on the shelf ideas list and supplies prep.  We start this on Dec 1 and the husband is going to be out of town most of the month, which means I need to be even more prepared without him around to help.  Same applies to advent calendar – I have an idea for a new DIY one this year.
8 – trying to coordinate a night out with some friends.  Not Thanksgiving or Christmas related – just because I want to.
9 – Keep up with normal life!  Carpools, swim meets, karate testing, laundry drying rack orders (these are going to be in short supply soon – if you’ve been eyeing them you might want to order ASAP), dinner prep and bills and upkeep on the house…

It’s going to be quite a month.  What are you planning or working on right?

November Fall leaves along the road change in seasons landscape

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