Pregnancy Survival Kit – Gift Basket Idea

Pregnancy Survival Kit Gift Basket Idea a great way to show your excitement for a friend or family member

A friend of mine is this close to having a baby – it’s gonna happen within the next week or so for sure!  A new baby is exciting and we are very happy for her.  I would say we can’t wait to meet the little one, but she lives clear across the country on the east coast and neither of us have a chance to take a trip anytime soon.  So we’ve been doing our best to share in the fun long distance.  She sends me photos of the progress on the nursery, asks advice on what to put on her baby registry (don’t think I was much help there!), discusses deals and sales on baby items and sends pics when she finds a cute new outfit.
Gift Basket Idea full of fun ideas to send to a mom expecting a new baby Pregnancy Gift Basket

When I first heard the news that my friend was pregnant I was sad that I wouldn’t be there for her (this was shortly after we moved out of the neighborhood) and I wanted to send her something fun.  So I put together this great little Pregnancy Survival Kit and popped it in the mail.  Everyone loves some happy mail right?

Pregnancy Survival Kit Gift Tag

I found some fun patterned paper and used that for a quick introductory tag, as well as for tags on a lot of the items to tie it all together.  Instead of just saying “here is your pregnancy survival kit” the note reads:  “Pregnancy is such a wonderful time, here are some things so you don’t lose your mind.”
Pregnancy Countdown Blocks are a great gift for expecting parents that help make the countdown to the new baby's arrival fun and are also a great photo prop

I started off with my trademark Pregnancy Countdown Blocks.  This is something I invented a few years ago and one of my favorite things to give to expectant friends and family.  The blocks make the countdown a little bit more fun, and are also great photo props.  (they were very popular in my Etsy Shop too, but I have discontinued carrying them so I could spend more time on the laundry drying racks)  You can see another version of the countdown blocks that I made for another friends with a fun Super Mom Gift Basket theme.

I also included a pregnancy themed magazine (is it just me, or are magazines getting harder and harder to find??), some Tums for heartburn (turns out she had plenty of that), some water bottle mix-ins

Pregnancy Survivial Kit Drink mix in for energy because coffee isn't always the best idea

“for energy”  One of the things I remember most about pregnancy was the severe lack of energy and wanting to take a nap pretty much every day.  I wanted to include something that might give her a boost but without any caffeine.

Pregnancy Survival Kit Tissues because there is never a wrong time to cry

The tag says:  “Because there is never a wrong time or reason to cry.”  The notorious pregnancy hormones – ‘nuf said, right?

Pregnancy Gift Basket Idea water bottle mix ins because drinking all that water can get a little old

More drink mixes – just because they’re fun.  The tag reads: “and for hydration – drinking all that water gets old fast.”

Pregnancy Gift Basket For your Sweet Tooth Candy Tag

And one of her favorite candy bars (this was around Valentines.  I thought the heart-shaped candy bars made it feel a bit more special) because everything is more fun with chocolate.  The tag says:  “for your sweet tooth.”

There are a lot of great ideas out there and I could have included more, but I wanted it all to fit into a Flat Rate box so I stopped there.  Besides, it doesn’t hurt to save a few ideas for next time.  What would you include in a Pregnancy Survival Kit or Gift Basket?

Pregnancy Gift Basket Idea for anyone expecting a new baby

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17 thoughts on “Pregnancy Survival Kit – Gift Basket Idea

  1. Hil says:

    A good water bottle (ideally dish washer safe), some hard candy to suck on during first trimester to help with nausea, and tea for that matter to help with nausea and heartburn. I love those blocks. So cute! What a fun countdown!


  2. vmorgan456 says:

    This is such a nice idea! It would make the Mother feel so good! It’s great to be co-hosting with you at the #HomeMattersParty
    Vickie’s Kitchen and Garden


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