Wooden Pallet Pumpkins

Fall front porch decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving with pumpkins

It’s fall!  At least here in Utah the last week or so it really feels like the weather has suddenly decided summer is over.  There is that unique crispness in the air and the days just aren’t quite as warm as they were.  The leaves are even changing colors up on the mountains.  It happened suddenly, like someone flipped a switch.  And what’s funny is that it coincided almost to the day with the day the kids started school just over a week ago.

I thought I would be sad to see summer go, and I am a bit, but I’m also excited for the change of seasons.  I love fall and all that goes along with it – sweaters and jeans, brightly colored trees, apples and pumpkin flavored everything… 😉  I’ve been seeing fall decor and pumpkin recipes popping up online.  And I have to admit I gave into the urge for pumpkin and made pumpkin muffins for the kids lunchboxes this week.  So it’s no surprise that I have pumpkins on the brain and wanted to share the pallet pumpkins my husband and I made a couple of years ago.  (I was going to say last fall, but dates on the photos say 2013.  Wow time goes by so quickly doesn’t it?)
Oh and before I forget – more details on that great Thankful Grateful Blessed sign can be found HERE.

Pallet Pumpkins are a great addition to any Fall Halloween or Thanksgiving front porch decoration

I thought about doing tutorial photos as I went but when it comes right down to it, the pallet pumpkins aren’t that hard to put together.  Acquire yourself a pallet and get the husband and his Sawsall to rip it apart.  Line all the boards up and sketch in a pumpkin shape.  Don’t worry about it being perfect – that’s not the point of a pallet project, right?
Cut everything out with a jigsaw.  Give the rough edges a quick sanding.  Then turn it upside-down and lay it all out so you can add a couple of strips of wood to the back and screw all the pieces to that.

Pallet Pumpkin detail of back and stand

Making it stand up was a bit of a dilemma as mine were pretty big and attaching them to a base didn’t seem like the right choice.  In the end, Sam just took a hinge and added another piece of wood to the back like the stand on a picture frame.

Tutorial for Pallet Pumpkins detail photo of stand on back

The pumpkin looked good as it was, but I am a sucker for darker wood so I stained mine.  I knew the old dry wood would soak up a lot of stain, so I used a can that I had determined was too dark for my countdown blocks and did plan to use for any other projects.

Pallet Pumpkin Before dry brush technique

Turns out it was a bit too dark for the pumpkins too and a lot of the character of the wood got lost.  So I dry brushed on some streaks of orange paint and we were back in business.

Pallet Pumpkin detail photo Alaynas Creations

Much better.

Pallet Pumpkins are a great addition to any Fall Halloween or Thanksgiving front porch decoration

And there you have it! A semi-quick, mostly free, and totally adorable addition to the front porch.  The best part is that when I switch out the Halloween décor, these babies will still look great for Thanksgiving.

Pallet Pumpkins A tutorial for making your own set of these fun easy and inexpensive pumpkins for your front porch fall decoration

As always – if you use this tutorial or even are just inspired by it and come up with your own spin I would love to see it!  Please feel free to share comments and photos.

Happy September and Happy Fall!

Want more great fall decor ideas?  Check out my easy and inexpensive wooden 2×4 Pumpkin Tutorial.

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28 thoughts on “Wooden Pallet Pumpkins

  1. Heather Serra says:

    Hooray for pumpkin flavored everything!! I’m excited for the change of seasons too. What a cute project. I love the country look of these. You can even personalize them with a last name maybe…or maybe use them for a fall wedding welcome like “Smith’s Wedding 2015”. Super cute. There are a lot of things you can do with these I’m sure. Displaying them just like you did is perfect too. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. adrianscrazylife says:

    Actually, this would be the best gift I could ever give my husband. He’s never happier than when he’s hammering and nailing things together. What a fun idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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