Week In The Life 2015 – Sunday’s Words and Photos

Wondering about the Week in the Life photo/documenting project?  You can find more about it in THIS POST.
WITL Sunday

Sunday!  If any day was made for a low-key start in the morning it’s Sunday.  9:00 AM found everyone awake and hanging out in the living room reading the newspaper.  I had been on a cleaning kick earlier, straightening up the kitchen and super-mopping it then lost steam when everyone started migrating to the kitchen/living room.



After this week’s photos of Tyler driving the 4 wheeler and the backhoe, I’m sure you’re not surprised to see him on the lawn mower.  My mom says she loves mowing with the riding lawn mower and won’t let anyone else do it, except Tyler, who occasionally gets a turn on the biggest part of the yard after Mom has mown around the edges.  He has his own method.  Instead of going back and forth or around and around he does swipes, will miss a few strips, then go back and get them.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but in the end it was all cut and looking good.


Lunch is usually Fend For Yourself during the weekends or any other day we’re all home.  Kaitlyn has gotten really good at prepping her own meals, including cutting things with the sharp knife.  Yet another sign she’s growing up (too fast!).


The motorcycle.  On the weekends in good weather Sam will find an excuse to ride the bike.  Today he was installing a new DVD player for my mom and didn’t have an HDMI cord for it.  So off he went to Walmart on the motorcycle.


King of the smoker – that’s my guy.  When we don’t have plans or an agenda, Sam will often fill a day off with cooking.  Today he is smoking a pork shoulder and he also made rolls from scratch.
Those are his warm weather motorcyle-riding duds.


Pinkie promise.  He agreed to not only be good today but to also try the shredded pork for dinner in return for us lifting his No Screens ban long enough to watch a movie with the family tonight.


In the course of getting Netflix set up on the new player for my mom, they discovered it has then entire Star Trek Next Generation series on Netflix.  So they immediately watched an episode.  I am amused by them bonding over Sci-fi.



Paying bills.  Or playing Candy Crush Soda Saga.  Or both 😉



Short people problems – I never find jeans that don’t puddle on the ground at my feet.  And look at those poor dried out and neglected feet.  I decided to do something about that so Kaitlyn and I did a pedicure session.  We lock ourselves in the bathroom with the polish and the sugar scrub every month or so.  It’s another one of those Mom & Me pre-teen things Kate really enjoys lately.




Shiny pink toes, the little guy on the pogo stick (this happens about 5 times a day when he has no clue what to do with himself), and some WITL inspiration.


She was teaching him some tumbling.  I was then asked to help spot him doing back flips.  Should I put this kid in gymnastics or just let Grandma teach him stuff once in a while?


Sam’s famous rolls fresh from the oven.20150823_173956

Family dinner.  This happens a couple of times a week when all the schedules work out for a sit down dinner.  The rest of the time we manage to get my little family of four all together around the table.  I make the meals at least 5 times a week so they are available for anyone who is around at the time and feels like eating what I have cooked.


Wyatt.  He does all his meal prep in Mom’s kitchen since he hasn’t replaced the broken stove at Gram’s house.  So we see him a couple of times a day, usually, and often he whips up one of his protein treat concoctions for one friend or another (he rarely eats them himself as he has a bodybuilding competition coming up).


Haircut time.  I’ve been cutting Tyler’s hair myself for a few years now.  I’m just not good at getting him in for a haircut, nor did I really trust the ones we found in NC so I had a hairdresser friend teach me how to do it.  This time around he requested that we change his style a bit so he could spike it on top.  I was happy to oblige as he hasn’t wanted to change his style in years, despite not really being sure if I was doing that particular cut correctly.  I think it turned out ok and he was pretty happy with it.

IMG_6671 IMG_6675


My pretty girl.  She was all ready for bed but I made her get dressed again so I could take a few portrait-type shots of her.  I know I have quite a few of Tyler from earlier this week and wanted to make sure I had some good ones of Miss Kate too.  Thankfully she was in an indulgent mood and gave me a few minutes of posing before telling me she was done.



He’s all showered and insisted that I wrap him up in the blanket before we all settle in to watch a movie.


Aren’t they cute?  It’s rare that they willingly hug each other, but they do love each other and get along pretty well.
After this point I set the camera down and we all watched a movie together on the couch, ending the weekend with some family time.

Total photo count for Sunday:  31 photos on the phone, 80 photos on the DSLR, all unedited at this point.

That’s it!  End of the week!  It’s kind of bittersweet.  I have enjoyed the process this week of documenting the small details of our everyday life and have some great photos I might not have taken otherwise, but it does get a bit intense and by the end of the week I was ready to put away the camera and just let life flow by unrecorded for a few days.  And now that I’ve got all the words and photos up on the blog I can start pulling itall together in the album.  That’s the fun part, right?

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