Week In The Life 2015 – Saturday’s Words and Photos

Wondering about the Week in the Life photo/documenting project?  You can find more about it in THIS POST.

WITL Saturday

Ahh the weekend.  Here’s a look at my Saturday:


7:10 found Sam awake (I had been up about an hour) and wanting to go to the gym so I tagged along.  He likes to run on the treadmill (that’s him in the red), which bores me silly.  So I did a leg workout with some run/walking intervals on the track.



Calf raises on the stairs.  It never gets easier.  This poster is perfect motivation for that spot.

Then in celebration of getting to the gym on the weekend and because Saturdays are for indulging we stopped and picked up donuts at the Chevron.


Saturdays are for cuddling in pjs.


Saturdays are for projects – we attempted installing the screen door but decided it wasn’t going to work for our purposes and returned it, then I spent half an hour in Home Depot debating about which tile to get to fix the hole in the shower.

And when no projects are on the agenda, Saturdays are for running errands just to give us an excuse to get out of the house.


Grocery shopping as a family isn’t something we do as often as we used to.  It’s easier for me to just get it done during the week by myself but it’s not bad as a family outing.  We usually get talked into adding a few extra things into the cart that weren’t on the list.  Sam is the biggest culprit for this 😉


Some days are for trying new recipes.  Ran across this one while doing comments on the blog link party last weekend – pancake tacos.  Kaitlyn was super excited to try it.  Total hit, except with Tyler he got his all put together then wouldn’t take a bite.


I needed a few more steps to hit my step goal (10,000/day) so Kaitlyn joined me for an evening walk on the farm.  Wyatt had found some apples in one of the condos he manages and asked us if we would feed them to the horses and Kaitlyn was happy to oblige.





All in all, it was a nice easy-going Saturday.

Total photo count for the day:  48, all taken with my cell phone.  I can tell I’m winding down a bit with the photo taking, which is probably a natural thing with a project like this.

One day to go!  Then I can order prints and start putting together the album!  Who’s with me?!

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