What’s on my Craft Table? A Look at Everyday Life

You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry on their purse or their car, right?  Well, it occurred to me the other day that if you want to know what’s going on in my life all you have to do is take a look at my craft table.

Whats on my craft table June 24

It’s a mess, isn’t it?  Sadly, that’s how it looks most of the time – with or without craft projects in process.  My craft table tends to be a dumping spot for myself, the kids, and the husband.  *sigh*

So what do we see on the craft table?  Next to the computer is the ever-present stack of paperwork, calendar, and notebooks stuffed with To Do Lists and notes to myself.  This is how I function – if I need something out of my head I have to write it down.  And I always need to get things out of my head – it’s a very very busy place in there!


Inside that envelope on the corner can be found – rodeo tickets!  Going to our hometown rodeo is a big part of our traditions for the 4th of July holiday – one the kids and I look forward to for different reasons.  I love the excitement and the showmanship – and all the heart pumping 10 second music clips they play constantly.  The kids love the animals, the fireworks, and the fact that they get spoiled and are never lacking for cotton candy or other treats as we watch the show.  We had to settle for tickets on the 1st instead of the 3rd because I waited too long to pick some up.

Swimming Subway Art Wall Hanging

These little beauties have taken up residence here for a few weeks now.  They started out as a project/presentation Kaitlyn had to do for school but are now waiting on Sam to take them down to the shop to route some keyholes in the back so they can be hung on the wall.  The swimming theme subway art was all Kaitlyn’s idea and put together mostly by her (so funny so see my mini-me in action on stuff like this) and turned out really cute.  She intends to give them to her swim coaches at the end of the season.  And I intend to show them off in another blog post here soon 😉
…there.  I put them in one of my Work in Progress boxes under the table as that’s really too long for there to be sitting out for no purpose.


The random coins on the table are for a Brag Tag the kids were working on for the Unplugged Program they are participating in this summer.  One of the tasks was to collect 5 different coins containing the year they were born.  We tried to collect the tag the other day, but it was a Saturday and they had closed early so here the coins sit until the next chance we get to pick up tags.
That stack of papers next to the coins is a handful of reading programs sent home from school and the library list of weekly activities.  These kids have no chance of being bored this summer.


Life jackets so we can use the paddleboard Sam got for Father’s Day!  Yes, they need homes but the garage is a disaster area right now.  Add it too the list.


And last but not least – the gel nails kit still in it’s box.  It has been sitting there waiting for me to take the time to try it out for a couple of weeks now – which I’m excited to do.  It’s just…well when I have the time to do that I’m too tired to want to sit down and figure it out.  But I will soon!  I got an up close and personal look at my feet the other night at yoge and I really need a pedicure.  😉
What does your everyday life look like?  Have you thought about documenting it lately?  I’d love to hear about it.

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