Summer Bucket List – Summer Fun Ideas

Bucket List Fun Summer Ideas for the Family

It’s Friday and another week has just raced by.  We are down to just two weeks before the kids are out of school for the summer and I’m getting pretty excited for the change in routine.  Being able to make it to the gym without having to wake up at 4:45AM to do so would be awesome.

Bucket List Summer Fun for Kids

It has become our tradition over the last few years that as summer approaches we sit down as a family and talk about what we are looking forward to and what we would like to make sure we do during the summer.  It’s always a fun way to spend an evening and I’m often surprised by a few of the suggestions from the kids.  Once we have a pretty good list compiled I sit down and type it all up, cutesy it up a little bit, then put it on display so we can cross things off when we do them and it’s there to refer to if we have a little down time we want to fill and are in need of ideas.

Summer Bucket List 2015

Summer Fun Idea List Bucket List

Included in our list this year:
-lots and lots of swimming
-hike Timpanogos (we almost made it to the top last year and are determined to go all the way this time around)
-go boating
-swim goal (Kaitlyn – summer swim team)
-family 5K (We are signed up for the Great Inflatible Race at the end of this month!)
-Tyler wants the 4 wheeler fixed
-Collect Brag Tags – 100 of them!  (This is through the Heber Valley Unplugged Program, which was initiated in a neighorboring county a few years ago.  The kids have participated in it in previous years while we were here on vacation and it was a huge hit.  More info available HERE.)
-water park
-sell house in North Carolina (fingers crossed!  It is now officially on the market)
-make homemade ice cream
-rodeo/parade (4th of July)
-ride horses/trail ride
-BBW with friends
-Kaitlyn wants to babysit
-random hikes (to explore and to get in shape for the big one)
-clear out clutter/junk on farm
-kids learn to cook a few things (Kate realized I put this on one there twice.  I guess I’m really sick of the daily “what’s for dinner?” grind.  I’ve been too lazy to reprint the list lol)
-spend time at the lake
-try out a new restaurant
-playdates/time with friends
-set reading goals
-Pass of All Passes

Family Fun Ideas Create Your Own Bucket List for Summer

So, what’s on your Summer Bucket List??

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