Day in the Life – May 2015

I love photos.  Love, love, love photos.  I’d love to be a great photographer – someday maybe.  So periodically I like to participate in challenges or concepts that get me out taking photos or looking at things in a different way.  This week I decided to join in on the Day in the Life photo/memory keeping project, which “officially” took place yesterday (but can be done at any time).  Basically, the concept is to take a day and pay particular attention to documenting all the little things throughout the day – the normal and mundane that make up daily life.

I have taken photos for Day in the Life a few times before and have enjoyed the process – and caused my kids to continually ask “why are you taking a photo of THAT?!” 😉  So this time around I remembered to warn the kids and the husband the night before that I was doing a photo project all day and that please just humor me 😉  No complaining, no hiding from the camera, no photo bombing.  If the camera comes out and they are doing something, just keep doing it unless I ask them to look at me and smile.  And thank goodness – that little bit of prepping them worked wonders this time around.

So here we go – a glimpse into a day in my life right now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Photos are taken with a combination of my phone and my “big camera.”
Photos taken:  52 on my phone, 193 with the camera.  (wow, I hadn’t realized I took that many!)  I shared a few of the photos on Instagram throughout the day.


4:45 AM  Wake up (yes with the alarm clock – the only time I set the alarm is when I have to wake up this early to go to the gym)


5:00 AM  Pick up my friend and head to the gym.  Forgot to charge my phone the night before so no gym selfies.  I know – disappointing, isn’t it? 😉

Day in the Life sunrise

6:30 AM  Admiring the sunrise on the way home from the gym.


I snuck outside (barefoot!) to grab a few photos before waking up Kaitlyn.  Bambi obviously thought she was missing out on the fun.


6:40 AM  Prepping kids’ lunchboxes while Kaitlyn grabbed breakfast

Day in the Life feet

7:40 AM  Tyler is always ready for school well ahead of time and gets to enjoy a little down time before getting on the bus.


10:00 AM  Painting laundry drying racks

Day in the Life horses running

1:30 PM Home for lunch.  My brother let the horses into the pasture behind the house and I was able to take a few photos of the mini-stampede.  (that happens every day.  Living back at home on the ranch can be pretty cool.)


2:15 PM  Walked the dog


3:00 PM  Finally managed to shower and do my hair.  Yup, this happens most days.  I prefer to get up, get showered and get going with my day but so often lately I have to spend the morning sanding or painting or doing yard work or something.


4:30 PM


6:30 PM


8:00 PM  Yoga before bedtime.  We started this a few weeks ago because Kaitlyn kept complaining she was having a hard time sleeping.  The yoga really does seem to help.

Day in the Life Family Selfie Photo

8:30 PM  Family selfie before putting the kids to bed.


9:00 PM  Finally time to relax with the husband.  Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

10:00 PM Bedtime

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