Rainbow Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Tutorial

A quick glance at the stats on my old blog this morning showed that my tutorial for the ruffled plastic tablecloth I used at my daughter’s birthday party a couple of years ago is getting the highest views this week.  Must be a sign that I need to get it reposted on the new blog, right?  I do love that ruffled tablecloth.  I made it for the birthday party but held on to it afterward and used it for quite a few other events, including a Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony.  And the best part is that is was really simple (if a bit time-consuming) and under $10 to make.  Actually, I had enough supplies left over I probably could have made a second one!
 Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Tutorial Rainbow
Today’s Topic:  Ruffled Table Skirt

It’s pretty much just plastic tablecloths and some masking tape – isn’t that cool?!  I found the original idea on pinterest (link here) then made it my own to go with our rainbow theme.  It’s a fairly easy concept actually.

Step 1:  cut your plastic tablecloths into strips.  Mine were 8″ high.  And I used 6 of the – one for each color of the rainbow.
Tip:  they are pretty easy to cut if you keep them folded up right out of the package.

I also had a strip about 24″ high that I used as the base for the tablecloth.  Once I had all the pieces cut I grabbed the roll of tape (1 1/2″ painters masking tape, since I had a ton of that left over from our pantry project) and got to work on the ruffles.  The ruffles are pretty easy – just scrunch the top of the fabric, taping it down as you go along.

I started with the bottom ruffle, then repeated the technique with each color, working my way up to the top and being sure to overlap the one underneath by a couple of inches so the tape didn’t show.

Then it was just a matter of taping the whole thing onto the top edge of the table.

And covering up any of the uglies with another tablecloth.  In this case I used a white cloth tablecloth folded in half, but you could use another plastic one if you wanted to.

As my 5 year old likes to say – Easy Peasy!  And such a great statement piece for the buffet table at the party!

Tutorial Ruffled Rainbow Tablecloth Plastic DIY
Rainbow Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Birthday
If you try this, please let me know.  I’d love to see your version!
Want to see more details about the Rainbow Dance Party?  It has it’s own blog post HERE.

7 thoughts on “Rainbow Ruffled Plastic Tablecloth Tutorial

  1. momilyhomily says:

    Great tip. Good for girls or boys – depending on your color choice, of course. Good to be co-hosting the #homemattersparty with you again this weekend. Can’t believe the month is half over.


  2. Life With Lorelai says:

    What a cute and FANTASTIC idea! 🙂 It adds so much pop to the decor for very little cost. Love it! Thanks for sharing and co-hosting at the #HomeMattersParty – we appreciate you! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai


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